I am a writer dedicating myself to give the reader the most up to date trends in most of the major aspects in a human life such as fashion, technology, home and other things that shape our life. 

Talk to that person about why they should bother reading your site.
The main purpose of this site is to show the the online generations who loves online shopping, how to differentiate mountains of data into little bits of condensed of info , a snack that you can chew on while on the go.

The main source of my information comes from Amazon and Ebay, the world's largest online retailers. From this 2 retailers, i can basiccaly sense the current and future trends and make detailed specs, and news that will aid a part of your life.

However the main purpose is to create a blog that is not only about news. but also  integrate fashion, technology,sport, business, economy,finance , online, shopping and many more. This is done by smashing the barriers apart , recognize products that do so and introduce to the communities. 

Some random things  about me.

  • I love swimming
  • I don’t have a favorite color or number.
  • I love food 

  • I like to watch movies