Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Android 4.3 and we still playing catching up

There are plenty of features announce for the new +Android  Jelly Bean 4.3 but there were only several key features worth noting.

Great new features

One of the new features is called quick response that allows you to reject calls easier but I am not exactly sure how it works and how well it works in the practical world. You certainly do not want to reject the wrong calls by some very important people especially your bosses.

Basically, it works when a call comes in and you're too occupied to take the calls, you can reject the call and send a message to the caller by using  third party apps. However, currently, none of the third party apps supports that function that well. It really depends on the apps developers to embed that function inside their apps.

There are also rumors by some Android fan sites that +Google  Voice may be updated to work with the service, but one could never be too sure of this unconfirmed report.

The second new addition uncovered by the site is called notification listener. According to the specs, it's right in the code of the update and it is a feature developers can embed in their  apps which are currently using the accessibility service to access system notifications. Most important, it allows the apps to be updated easily  without accessing accessibility settings which in fact can increase the performance of your gadgets. Before this, if an app were to discover a new notification in +Google Play , it would need to communicate with the accessibility settings in your device via +Google Play Store  before displaying the notification. So now, your apps can read notifications when there any any updates by the system, read them and update the apps to the latest versions , saving one step of the process the update hasn't hit their devices yet.
 One of the issues that had been dogging Android user is the decreased performance of their gadgets over time. Sluggish keyboards, slow opening of apps, and hang phone when browsing the internet. Android 4.3 now comes with TRIM.
TRIM is supposed to get rid of the sluggish performance and possibly enhance the Project Butter that comes with the earlier versions of Jelly Bean. Google’s Android works by instructing the flash storage that are built in your gadgets ( I am not too sure about memory storage) when to collect and recycle and recycles unused data pages and blocks The hopeful net results  is that devices that runs on the Android 4.3 will perform better and no longer become laggy and non responsive. Nexus tablets and smartphones will certainly see the performance improvements after the new update kicks in. From the source, it seems that the newly updated Jelly Bean invokes TRIM maintaince once every da ( 24 hours) with conditions that there is one hour on inactivity and for the battery power, it should be 80% full or 30% when charging

New updates to old features

Android 4.3 was announced by Google earlier today with disappointment due to the lack of new features. From the snapshot above, we can see that there was only minor changes to the android system with additions of several main features namely Bluetooth support ( increased to more advance type of Bluetooth) , More language support ( do we even care and need to wait several donkey months for this? ) , improvement in the text input ( still haven't get this right even with 4.3? and most of the manufacturers will just apply their own predictive keyboard anyway ). There were literally no new innovations except for the ones above. This updates just some minor improvements and building some senseless hype across the net which can be easily done in a simply patch.

What the new android still lacking?

One of the biggest problems with the new android Jelly Bean 4.3 is the unproven suceess rate of the TRIM enhancements to the performance of the gadgets. Android is too fragmeneted , too many manufacturers lay their own customizations , until the suppsoed enhancements does not work well , like in the earlier versions of Jell bean.

Besides that, we still face the problems of the support of new android to older devices, this update was supposed to enable lower end phones to enjoy the new smooth Android too.

Probably done this way to build the "credibility" of the new Google android chief. Well, we will see about that.

Thank god for the new +ASUS  +Nexus 7 

Video of android 4.3. Bleh~