Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Beginning of a Renaissance – An age of mobile gadgets

The current age 

The current era we live in is now dominated by plenty varieties of tablets all come in different shape, size, performance and of course pricing. According to market research and marketing companies such as IDC and Gartner, mobile gadgets are eating away the market share of traditional computing such as desktops and workstations. Just recently Samsung posted their record shipping of mobile smartphones , same goes with Apple. There was estimated that smartphone as a whole will grow significantly and ship more than 200 million of devices this year! 

Tablets blasted into our life with the introduction of Apple Ipad ( the father of modern touch screen tablets) . It was the marvel back then, Apple was not the first to produce a touch screen tablets, but certainly the first to get the recipe right to the consumers.

Fast forward three years,  Apple Ipad dominated the market followed closely by Samsung and some other manufacturers scrambling of a share of the lucrative market. 

Why does it works in getting our attentions?

If Apple’s Ipad was launched without a proper ecosystem, I am sure it will not work well and be one of the biggest flop of Apple. Ipad was launched after a proper Itunes was built and full of nice apps (Thanks to Iphone) . Apple’s product communicates well with each other, sync was seamless, lots of apps and great for media consumption. This is the very reasons why earlier attempets failed, they lack of proper sync and flawless ecosystem. After all, as a human, we just love tools that allows lots of information flow through our lives everyday , takes for an example Blackberry message and mail  ( Before Iphone).

Who does mobile gadgets affects?

Oh, certainly all the mobile gadgets made a significant impacts in our life, I will begin with the most engaged users of mobile gadgets , users from education sector , working adults and teens.
We will start first with the education . With the internet,  the students can access share a lot of information with the students around the globe Not only that, research paper from universities can be shared through online, enabling faster and critical experiments to be done from anywhere, anytime. Best of all, the start of Google and Wikipedia ( Certainly helps plenty of people pass through their college days.

Secondly, this will certainly made and impressions for the working adult, can we imagine the standing in a train without looking at our mobile gadgets? Reading online news, online articles and emails everywhere from our mobile gadgets has become a norm in our daily life. There are increasing work from home concept applied across companies, not forgetting  the bring your own device scheme employed by numerous companies in this recession time.

Thirdly, the teens. Teens now are much more engaged to media be it social, online videos or online games . I named them Facebook and Youtube generations. 

How much it affects these three layers of users?

As always we will start with the positive side of the coin. Free flow of information and  sharing them, Information flowed much faster around the world with each passing day, so much data pass through the network aided with the advancement in network technologies.  Positively, this information enabled the progression of the society. Just type something into Google or Bing and expect your answers within mere seconds , something we can’t do if it were last 15-20 years ago. With the creations of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus ,  the sharing of the new found knowledge can be shared across with a blink of eye. Not only text, but images and also video. (Thanks to Youtube)

The other side of the coin was it affects a lot in human relations, I mean the personal relationship where you talk and chat with each other. If you are dining with your partner but instead of talking to each other, then you are certainly in the other side of the coin. Secondly is the free flow of information. If useful information are sent and receive around, then it can bring great benefits, so does the reverse. Wrong information can bring bad effects to the users. Just looking around, there are many cases where people are making or purchasing tools to inflict damage in other people


The future for mobile gadgets is that it will certainly  continue  to affect much more aspects in our life, communication, the ways of getting news info, online shopping , work productivity. However, the ways of how we choose and perceive the information is the things that defined who we are.