Thursday, 25 July 2013

Revamped new Beats Studio by Dr. Dre

Drilling deep into the specs of the new Beats Studio, revamped on-ear headphone from  Beats by Dr.Dre 

Beats audio

How does the new Beats Studio from Beats by Dr.Dre compare to the previous versions?

Build quality

From the manufacturer, it was supposed to be lighter, stronger and comfortable. How far this is true?

From the specifications, it is indeed lighter (22 gram) compared to the previous Beats Studio which has weight of 24 gram . How much effect will the users feel? Almost non actually, the mere difference of 2 gram will not make any significant impact to the experience.

However i don't see any difference in the materials used for this new Beats that can make it stronger compared to the previous model.It seems be made of the same material with the previous models. The previus model was sturdy and feels solid, so I could expect the newer Beats Studio to feel the same.

One major thing  that changed is the look of the new Beats Studio from Beats by Dr.Dre . I would agree with the manufacturer that this is a more refreshed look, specially designed to suit your fashion sense. The new Beats Studio from Beats by Dr.Dre was specially created to produce a sleek and streamlined look. Some parts are properly curved and there was no visible screws compared to the previous model.

One thing that make a headphone ticks is the comfort on our ears. On ear headphone has tendency to move around and not attached tou your ear. With this new design, it features an ergonomic adjustment mechanism around the ear cups that enables them to adjust to the head without restriction. 

Sound quality


The most important part of a headphone, the music experience. Beats by Dr. Dre has the reputation of clear and loud bass, great noise cancellation, so you can only feels and hears good music.

New Beats Studio from Beats by Dr.Dre features a new and cool automated active sound cancelling function that adjust accordingly to your surrounding while striking a balance to your music. For those music lovers out there, this is certainly the best point of this headphone.

Each pair of the new Beats Studio headphones is precisely tuned with new custom digital software called the Beats Acoustic Engine (BAE);  Beats Acoustic Engine™ Beats by Dr.Dre to perfectly deliver a reengineered and reimagined Beats sound experience.

However, Beats by Dr.Dre products has great reputation of performing greatly in the real practical world, the world of unwanted noises.

Power Management: 

Say Goodbye to (2) AAA batteries that powers the previous older Beats Studio. The new Beats Studio is powered by a rechargeable, 20-hour, Lithium-Ion battery that can last you much longer. Charge it in any USB port or outlet be it from your laptop, or universal USB car charger. With the significant improvement of the mobility on  this device, you can practically use it everywhere, anywhere from your favourite device.

An auto on/off feature automatically shuts down the headphone once it is unplugged. This is a great feature that should aid the power saving in this headphone. This is complement by also a 5-light LED battery fuel gauge indicates how much battery is left. Cool stuff.

As a conclusion this, the new Beats Studio is truly a mobile, noise cancelling that can cater for your audio needs in this demanding environment without worrying. 

The million dollar question.

Should you buy or not?

With the price tag of $299.95 (for US market and the pricing should be different for other markets) , I believe this is truly a marvelous headphone that worth every dollar if you have the money to spend on because this is not cheap. However, there are significant improvements in the sound cancellation,a new power source with universal charging and most important of all, a new Beats sound experience. All this might change your mind. And it wont cramp you style. Music all the way! Booming bass with crystal clear clarity , only from Beats by Dr.Dre.

Below are the detail specs of this model. 


BrandBeats bt Dr Dre
ModelNew Beats Studio™ over ear headphones
Build Over ear headphone with RemoteTalk™ cable
FeaturesBeats Acoustic Engine™
dual-mode Adaptive Noise Canceling
20-hour rechargeable battery
USB 2.0 Charging cable
Weight 0.26 Kg
Connection3.5mm plug in