Sunday, 4 August 2013

Mobee The Magic Charger for The Apple Wireless Magic Mouse

Mobee The Magic Charger for The Apple Wireless Magic Mouse

Practical. No mess. Mobile. Compact.

This is how you describe the Mobee The Magic Charger specially design for Apple Wireless Magic Mouse.

Practical and easy to use!

This unit is USB Powered, you simply plug the base station to any USB port in order to allow the recharge, you don't even need an external power supply.

The Magic Charger from Mobee Technology is the world first inductive charger dedicated for the Apple Magic Mouse.

This Magical solution will recharge your Magic Mouse wirelessly and that takes only 1 minute to setup! Charging your Magic Mouse will be as simple as placing your mouse on top of the base station.

Mobile and compact

With it's ultra Slim Design for Mobile Users will provide 6 days autonomy after a full recharge, if you travel for more than one week with your Magic Mouse you just need to carry a 0.35 in / 9mm thick base station.

You can use this wherever and whenever you are.

NO mess

A greener way to use your Magic Mouse as there is no need to keep trashing batteries, or disassembling your Magic Mouse to exchange your batteries for new ones. Let the Magic Charger manage everything and help protect the environment at the same time.

Where to get this?

You can get this in any retailers or online shopping retailers such as Amazon, Ebay , probably with a discount in Groupon if you're lucky