Friday, 2 August 2013

Things to get on the move - Powergen universal Power-U car charger

Mobility is the trending keyword, we are connected to the internet more than ever. Smartphones like +iPhone5 and +Samsung Mobile Galaxy devices or +iPod are hook to your body almost 24/7. However, the greatness of these devices are limited to their battery capacities. There are tons of mobile chargers with multiple brands but we will take a step at a time.

In this article , I would like to highlight to you the Powergen Power-U dual port SUB car charger.

Why should you get this?

As we know, most of the smartphone do not last as long as we wish, most of us knows how long and +iPhone or +Samsung Mobile lasts with 30 minutes of videos. Therefore, we must pluck in our devices wherever there is any power supply available. A great source of power supply is from the car, some of us spend most of our time travelling.  

Wonder what will happens if your mobile is low on battery when you're expecting an emergency calls? Or when you're stuck with in a massive traffic jams. Then you will wish that you bought a car charger months earlier. 

What are the features?

The PowerGen Power-U has a dual USB port , which is a universal connection that exist almost on every devices. Hence you can charge any of your devices as long you have a USB cable that can charge directly or conversion cable for +iPhone or any Android devices. 

The PowerGen Power-U has a LED that shows you if there proper connections are being made. Best of all, there is a circuit breaker preventing overheated, overcurrent and automatically discharge when the battery os full, keeping your battery life optimum. 

PowergenPower-U Universal USB car charger
Conectivity2 USB port
CompatibilityIpad, Iphone, Android devices
Power Input:12-24V 1000mA; Output:DC 5V 2.4A or 5V 1A (A max. total of 2.4A)
Safety Sophisticated circuit breaker the prevents over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection. Charging will be automatically stop when battery is full.
DisplayLED lighting to show that proper connection is made

You can get this through online at Amazon. You won't regret this!