Sunday, 28 July 2013

Electronics gadgets for school kid, Boon or Bane in this Tech era?

Electronics for kids
Gone was the days of school kids carrying a huge backpack full of heavy books to schools everyday. Now it is the time , a technology era so dominated by  Ipad, Samsung Galaxy , Google Nexus, and plenty more electronic aids.

How does this effect your children?

For one, your children can get rid of all the heavy old book . Information get updated almost every single minutes in the internet all across the world, so of course the students need to get the updated info, certainly not by old heavy books that only got a refresh every few years.

Secondly are the connections that can be made all over the world. Imagine a network of student everywhere, sharing their discoveries and excitements. Thus, spurring their interests especially in Science and Mathematics.

However like all things, there will always be a downside.Fast information is good provided informative information are absorbed instead of some garbage info that might affect their development. There is also the risks of kids who too absorbed in their devices and ignore critical communications with individuals such as parents, teachers, friends.

So what can a parents do for their kids?

Simple, informative guidance and proper monitoring from their parents.Electronic gadgets is the tool that can propel a student into becoming a true knowledge individuals, contributing in a fast pace environment,