Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sennheiser Momentum - Redefine pure sound

Germans. Quality. Design. Sennheiser, Pure, Crystal Clear, Uncompromising Rich, Premium, Clean. This is the new Sennheiser Momentum.


Sennheiser strikes again in their audio superiority with the new Momentum. Designed to give the user a pure, crystal audio experiences.


The most important aspect of headphone for comfort is the ear cup. In Sennheiser Momentum, the earcup design was based on shock absorbers for car, it can keep constant contact while abrosb resonance to give the user a sense of pure, undiluted sound.experience. The leather ear cup feels premium and soft with special 2 layer foam. 


Timeless yet fashionable , suit styles wherever you are. Built together with Kevlar material cable that is able to resist head and even acid. Momentum can take your worries away in the real life. 3.5mm jack connection will take care of all your gadgets needs. 

The big questions, should you buy this?

This is a premium headphone designed to maximize your audio experience. If you like a headphone with style which give you a great audio with value for money then go ahead. .Momentum will cost you £259.95 in Amazon UK or $$349.95 in with free shipping.


Sennheiser Pure experience audio headphone
ModelSennheiser Momentum
TypeOn ear wired headphone
Ear cup materialLeather
SoundTransducer principle Dynamic, closed
Impedence18 Ohm
Connection3.5mm jack
1.4 m Made For iPod®/iPhone™ cable with integrated smart remote and microphone
1.4 m cable for computers, phones, music players and any device with a headphone output
Weight190 gram