Friday, 26 July 2013

Sony's direction? Truth revealed!

Sony, a global household name that used to symbolize innovation, quality, inspiration , global product , fun and entertainment.

In the 90's , we were exposed to the Sony world, there was Sony TV, Walkman ,Playstation and the came their Vaio laptop. Vaio laptops used to defined cool, sleek and premium. Now the once powerhouse samurai is reduced to mere shadow of what it used to be.

What makes them hip and cool in the 90’s?

 Only two words, premium contents and excellent products. Sony was the poster child used to symbolize “Made in Japan” to the world. Everywhere people know that Sony Electronics is Japan and that means quality , a young samurai standing proud on top of the world.

Alas, as all things, nobody can withstand the onslaught of time. Same goes with Sony, the shiny armours rusts, skills deteriorates.

With a little pushing, the old samurai slowly picked up his broken sword and forged anew! A sharper, more durable sword! As always, this journey is not easy, full of dangerous obstacles along the way.

What is the composition of the new Sony?

 The new Sony focus under the Kazuo Hirai will focus heavily on four  parts in Sony which are  Entertainment  (Playstation and movies) , TV ( Bravia) , Mobile ( Xperia) and lastly camera (NEX).
 I did not focus and do not think that it's Vaio laptop, Walkman and Xperia Tablet are bouncing back from the damage done by Samsung and Apple. We will start with the integration of these four big segments simply by making a case study.
 We will use Sony Bravia Tv simply because it was the icon, the face of Sony years back.

How the integration works?

Firstly, we will have a look at it’s display. Sony recently launched it’s new Triluminuos display for it’s TV that promises sharper and more detail images on the display. Intergration done on other products? Adoption of the same proven technology and import them into their next anticipated segment , mobile. It was said that the same technology that powers the display will also power the Xperia line. In fact, some models with Triluminous display has already appears in the market.

Secondly their smart TV  hub which is Sony Entertainment Network. Sony Entertainment network is like a really big glue, it sticks all the four components together including Vaio laptops. Stream videos from Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video,Pandora and much more. As long your device supports Sony Entertainment network, you can sync with them seamlessly. TV, Xperia , Vaio Playstation..all this doesn’t meant anything as they can share the same platform.With this platform, Sony can get out a decade of mismanagement and become one of the top companies again.

Third, the next keyword is connectivity. With the rise of smart TV, most of them have WIFI built in and with DLNA network, you can share your content in most of the gadgets regardless of brands.

Fourth , the camera. NEX line has always been a darling to Sony, enable them to float while the rest of the divisions are suffering. Using the same technology, Sony embedded the art of photography into their Xperia line and possibly new enhancements of their Playstation accessories.

Fifth , the wonderful movies and music. With Sony Music and Entertainments, Sony can offer a lot of quality and exclusive contents to their consumers, after all the contents are theirs to use freely anyway. Sony also integrates Walkman technology into their Vaio and also Xperia. Although Walkman is currently falling but it used to represent portable music.
 We already seen early pieces of the puzzle, A portable media player (Walkman) which has great screen (Bravia) and awesome camera capabilities (NEX) with ability to make calls ; able to access a great apps store (Google Play) and own exclusive contents. (Playstation games and movies) . Sounds familiar? This is why they bet everything into Xperia line. It is and will be the first end result of the integration across platforms and dominates our life once again.The second result will comes with more integrations of home entertainments. It will integrates three main segments, Playstation, Sony entertainment network and NEX camera, yes you see it correctly. It will be in the form of video game accessories similar to kinect but with sharper images. 

What about Samsung ,Apple and even Microsoft? 

As in the earlier paragraphs, the one thing that differentiates Sony with Samsung, Microsoft and Apple is the content. Syncing without any efforts in a close ecosystem using multiple gadgets was the main reason why Apple succeeded.Learning from them, Sony modifies the ecosystem formula by throwing in things they already had, hardware from proven products and exclusive contents. This will determine how Sony will be in the next coming decades. Failure to capitalize this properly will results in the end of a former electronic giant and might be signalling the end of a great era as Sony is truly the last samurai in the Japanese electronics world.