Friday, 26 July 2013

Sony's lead in Android docking wireless mobile mini speaker! Behold the Sony SRS-BTV5


Let’s start on a positive note.

Google’s  Android mobile OS now has over  75 percent market share according to a report by IDC for the 1st quarter of this year. 

However for most of Android users, the saddest part is that the audio docking speaker is almost non exist in the market even from the biggest Android rider : Samsung. The Android audio segment has been largely ignored. If you have a ride into your nearest electrical store, I am pretty sure that all you can see is just the sign "compatible for Ipad , Iphone , Ipad" sign on almost every audio products with some products at a small corner which says “ compatible for Andorid

One could really ask, why is this so? Android has certainly takes over the market globally, so it is not the problem of lack mass market. Android is highly adopted by plenty of manufacturers, so again I am pretty sure that this is not a problem with propietry software.

We had seen some very interesting new products such as as remote control android helicopter and plenty more. One could only wonder.

I would really say that the basic needs of an Android users for high quality audio for Android is largely untapped by any manufacturers. What they have now in the market is just a small scratch on the surface. Perhaps this is why one of the best electrical company , Sony had a vision on this.

 Perhaps this is also the very reason that Sony leaps ahead, bringing years of experience and quality into Android audio. Sony is a known global brand that used to dominate the world using their walkman and sharp TV display and

Behold!  The mini sized, feature pack wireless mini speaker from Sony , SRS-BTV5!


Wireless connectivity powered by Bluetooth and NFC. This wireless mobile speaker is equipped with the nescessary conectivity. Not only that , the  wireless mobile speaker comes with an app, Smart Connect ( need to be downloaded via Google Play) . You can seemlessly play your favourite musics in your playlists the moment when you plug in the headphone into your smartphone.

Not only that , this highly portable SRS-BTV5 can also be use to become your speakerphone! Imagine when a call comes buzzing, you can just swipe the answering key and accept the call on your device. The music will instantly fade and you can accept your improtant calls on your wireless mini speaker via Bluetooth. This wireless mini speaker has a built in micriphone which is also perfect for when there are others in the rooms who wants to take part in the conversations.


Built in battery which can be recharged using USB cable. This battery can last approximately 5 hours of audio playback, not bad for such a compact wireless speaker . Besides that , the charging cable enables the device to be charged almost everywhere as the USB connections is one of the main connectivity on most devices.


As you can see, it is round, 360 degree, highly portable as well. You can pratically  fit this in you one hand! 

A true mobile devices for you!

Sony Bluetooth wireless mobile speaker Features
Model SRS-BTV5
Output power 1.2 W (at 10% harmonic distortion)
ConnectivityWireless Bluetooth 3.0 pairing
PowerBuilt in LI battery with USB charging cable
Approximately 5 hours audio playback
Impedance6 Ohm
Weight135 gram
ColourAvailable in black, pink , white